Administrative Decision Process

All staff and faculty positions should be filled through Human Resources Open Recruitment or through the Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP) Search Procedures.  Under special circumstances, staff positions can be filled through Administrative Decision rather than Open Recruitment.

The use of Administrative Decision for staff is warranted only under these circumstances:

  1. a special emergency need;
  2. a change in organizational structure and/or position requirements;
  3. an interdepartmental promotion in lieu of posting the vacancy through open recruitment;
  4. a position that requires unusual skills, training or education;
  5. a temporary to regular employment status change;  or
  6. a candidate has prior experience in department and appropriate qualifications

The administrative decision process should not be used when there are multiple qualified employees for the vacant position in the business unit.  In this situation, the vacant position should be posted through open recruitment.

  1. The non-faculty administrative decision process is initiated and completed using ERS (Emory Recruiting System).  The log in for ERS may be found in PeopleSoft under Manager Self Service. Log on to ERS and follow the instructions for completing the “EUV Administrative Decision” requisition template. 
  2. The candidate must create a profile in ERS and download a resume in the system but NOT apply for any particular job.
  3. The hiring manager will be notified when the request is approved.
For the purpose of this procedure, Post-doctoral Fellows and Residents are considered faculty and should be processed in that way.

Faculty Administrative Decision Process:

 Process for Administrative Decision Request Approval:
  1. Complete Administrative Decision Request for Approval Form.  
  2. Have the school/division affirmative action committee and/or the appropriate unit/division/administrative official review the decision carefully.  
  3. The University Health and Safety Questionnaire must be completed and attached with the form. The process cannot be completed without the Health and Safety Questionnaire.  

Send Request for Approval and Documentation to Equal Opportunity Programs.

Forms received in the EOP office after 3:00pm will be dated the next business day for processing.

  1. For non-Medical Affairs positions , forward the Request for Approval with the position description and the application/resume of the proposed candidate directly to the EOP office.
  2. For positions in the Medical Affairs area, forward the Request for Approval  (with position description and application/resume of the proposed candidate) to your schools designated coordinator.  The coordinator will ensure that the paperwork has the appropriate signatures and documentation before forwarding to EOP.  
  3. After review, EOP forwards the Request to the final approving authority (or the departmental coordinator in the Medical Affairs area, who will deliver the Request to the final approving authority in that area). 
    1. The final approving authority for staff and principal positions is the Vice President for Human Resources. 
    2. The final approving authority for faculty is the Provost. 
    3. The final approving authority for faculty in the Health Affairs area is the Dean of that respective School.  
  4. The final approving authority retains the signed original Request and provides copies to the EOP office and the requesting official.   
  5. Finally, the originating department should submit a Hire Transfer Form (HTF) to Employee Records.